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SANDLIFE Tournament schedule 2019


SANDLIFE Tournament schedule for 2019

Tournament Info

Location:Sand Life Farm

Directions:  Exit MLK heading west from 75.  First light Williams road turn right.  .5 miles, turn right on Dogwood ln.  Follow street all the way down to dead end.

Adults AAA, AA, A, Coed, U12, U14, U16 and U18 divisions

Registration can be done online.

Tournament fee is $35.00 per player paid online.  Must have a Volley America membership.

Check in time for Juniors and adults is 8:30am

Play starts at 9:30 sharp

Rain Policy

Our rain policy is that we will still have the tournament regardless of rain. So there are no refunds based on rain.  During the event, if there is consistent Lightning or WE decide it is an unsafe environment is the only time we will cancel the event.  If we do cancel an event on Saturday, it will be played on Sunday.  If we cancel on Sunday, it will be moved to the next available tournament.  If you decide not to attend the make up date, there will be no refund.  We thank you and appreciate your support.


Tournament Day Procedures:

  • non-registered teams: Proceed to main registration tent to pay entry fee.
  • Any pre-registered team not checked in by 9 am will lose their spot.
  • After registration listen for court assignments at approximately 9:15 am
  • Team announced as work team for 1st match should pick up clipboard for your net and get matches started. Remember that the best way to finish on time is for work teams to get matches started immediately at the conclusion of the previous match. All teams should report directly to assigned net in the morning.
  • Anyone having trouble with a particular team causing a pool to run late should contact tournament director.  Teams have 10 minutes or less to warm-up after the previous match has been concluded, teams should be warming up prior to the match beginning on the side or empty net.
  • Record scores using score sheet on clipboard, then enter scores on schedule sheet. The scores are necessary for playoff seeding. At completion of the net’s final match bring clipboard back to main registration table. Playoff teams will be announced as soon as all nets in your division are finished.

Pool Tiebreakers in Order of Importance (Teams will not be eliminated from tournament based on point differential)

  • If there is a tie for the last pool position that will eliminate a team from the tournament, the tied teams will play 1 game to 15 points, rally scoring, win by 2 with the winner advancing.
  • If there is a tie for a position where both teams will advance, ties are broken based on the following criteria in the following order of importance:
  • Head-to-head game results
  • Head-to-head point differential in games between tied teams if 2 or more games played
  • Point differential for entire pool schedule (# of points by which you won minus the number of points by which you lost).
  • If tied on all of the above, a coin flip will determine positioning.
  • 3-way ties will be broken by above procedure to identify team order. If any tied teams are to be eliminated, they will play 15 pt. games to determine who is eliminated; team with top point differential receives bye and other two teams playoff. Winner will then play team with bye if 3-way tie for 2nd. If no teams are to be eliminated (all 3 teams qualify for playoffs), then point totals determine playoff position.

Rule Clarifications

  • (FIVB Beach Rules; used by the Volley America & USAV)
  •  Touching the net is a violation.
  • Sandlife will back referees calls 100%. Only rule interpretations can be appealed to the tournament or competition director. We will back all yellow and red cards handed out by referees. Refereeing is not fun so we expect players to respect the players refereeing
  • Oversets: balls cannot be deliberately overset unless the ball goes forward or backward perpendicular to the player’s position as determined by shoulder and foot position. Balls can be set over the net if unintentional; referees will determine the setter’s intent.
  • Only 1 toss per service attempt.
  • Double hits:
  • From FIVB Rule Book:
  • 13.4.1 The ball may touch any part of the body.
  • 13.4.2 The ball must be hit, not caught or thrown. It can rebound in any direction. Exceptions:
  • a) In defensive action of a hard driven ball. In this case, the ball can be held momentarily overhand with the fingers.
  • b) If simultaneous contacts by the two opponents leads to a “held ball”.
  • 13.4.3 The ball may touch various parts of the body, only if the contacts take place simultaneously.
  • Exceptions:
  • a) At blocking, consecutive contacts (Rule 18.4.2) by one or more blockers are authorized, provided that they occur during one action.  Blocks can be redirected as long as the contact is made above the net and no more than an arms length from the net.
  • b) At the first hit of the team, unless it is played overhand using fingers (exception Rule 13.4.2 a), the ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively, provided that the contacts occur during one action
  • Players cannot interfere with a ball that is hit into the net from the other side. It is legal for a ball to hit a player through the net. However, if the player deliberately touches a ball hit into the net from the other side, a net violation will be assessed.
  • Players may run through an opponent’s court to play a shanked ball but they may not interfere with players on the opposite side of the court. Such a ball must be passed back into play without crossing the net. A ball may only cross the net once in the 3 hits allowed to a team.